Zwave is Here and Now

A new technology is bringing the future to the present. zwave, also called Z-Wave is helping to make it all happen. This is a way for most of your electrically controlled devices to communicate. From your cell phone or tablet, all the way to your coffee makers, lights, thermostats and on and on.

With all of these devices communicating, your world can become so much easier to live in. At least when it comes to the comforts and conveniences of your home. As a little boy, I used to enjoy science fiction and was always amazed at what people could imagine for the future. I even enjoyed the silly cartoon “The Jetsons.” We’re not quite ready to fly around in our own vehicles yet or get around with jet-packs on our backs. Someday maybe, but not quite there yet with that stuff. The other things that we saw are really happening today. Not all of it of course, but a lot of stuff that I always thought would just be a dream. I’m awake and I see it with my own eyes.

This new technology is allowing everything to work together and is continuing to amaze all of us. You can now communicate from something as small as your smart phone or tablet and have total control of your own network. Do you want your condo to be ready to accept you the moment you walk in the door? You can have it. Do you want it to be the perfect temperature for you? Let your condo know, even before you get there. Do you want something fresh to drink too? Let your coffee maker know. Again, even before you walk in the door. Someday, it will be a reality for more people than you may think. It may even be a reality, for you.


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