You Decision is Your Personal Choice

The power to choose is an amazing thing. The human can choose to do things or not do things. It is funny, some people will say that they were forced to make a specific decision based on another person’s statements. I will give the perfect example. My ex boyfriend told me the other night that I owed him six thousand dollars for a car that he bought because he told me that I told him that he should buy it. I told him that he should buy the Mercedes because it is a nice car and he likes nice things. I told him that his old car was junk, and he kept on putting money into it but he never seemed to get it to work just right. I knew that it was a really important thing that he had a good car since he goes to college after he retired from the military.

I thought that it was funny that he told him that I made him buy it because I told him that it was important for him to have a car. This was a case where he had an option, he could save his money and not buy the car or he could buy the car and spend six thousand dollars. To say that I made him buy the car was quite funny and I could not believe that he would have the audacity to tell me that. People have a way of speaking with the different words in the language, and making you feel like you might have been at fault for something. I told him that he had an option and he made the best choice that was there for him, but he was not happy with my answer at all, it was pretty funny.


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