Wish the Best to Albeline Texas Energy

Abeline texas energy is becoming a bit name in the texas energy business, they have recently started popping up everywhere but I am not entirely sure that they deserve all of this lime light that they are receiving, sure they are an amazing company that seems to have everything together. The question becomes, how long can they manage this before they fall apart. We wee it far to often with big names that just kind of fly onto the scene. They have a few good quarters and they feel like they are on top of the world but then it all comes crashing down around them. It is a sad part of the business world, and I hate that it happens but it does and they need to be aware that they are not untouchable. Any other company could do the same exact thing that they did, only they were here first so they get to enjoy the fame that goes along with it. But soon enough someone else will perfect this and they will be left in the dust just like every other time something like this has come up. I mean it is a very sad concept, but it is a fact of life. I absolutely adore them and everything they have done for the energy world, but I do not believe that they will be around to see their creation get fully implemented because they just do not have the structure to last in this dog eat dog business world. But hey who knows, I have been wrong before and maybe they will surprise the world yet again and be a leader going in to next year. I just do not see it happening from past experiences with similarly styled things. But hey to each their own and I wish them luck.


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