Where All the Great Jobs Are

Universal Love is needed to bridge the gaps.Finding a great job in Australia is easier than ever before. Because of our awesome economic boom, we are doing so well with ourselves that we do not know what to do! It’s an exciting time to be around in Australia, we’re doing a lot of great work and exploring all the things that we can do with our money! I heard that universal in australia is where rusty solomon works so I thought it might be a good place for me to work too. We all know that guy from Linear Title – yeah, that one guy who cares a lot about energy and the environment! These are concerns that everyone should be having – with more money comes greater responsibility. With that responsibility means understanding that we should not be spending recklessly or investing in a infrastructure without planning ahead – we should lead the world in energy and effective use of energy. Let us not be like China or the other countries who have such disregard for the rest of the world with their massive energy issues.


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