Setting Up a Hunting Lodge Properly

I really like to hunt and camp, but I also like to have some of the comforts of home. For instance I want to have my satellite TV after I get done hunting and so I have been looking at how best to get power off the grid for this little cabin I own in the mountains near Stuart, Va. It is a long way from any place. The dirt road crosses the same little creek twice and you better have four wheel drive if you want to visit. At the moment I am looking at propane powered etq generator. It is not very big, but there is not much reason that it should be really. My thought is that propane should be a lot easier to use and keep fueled, but in this case it is only because I know the guy who runs the local propane route. He is apparently used to hauling propane out to isolated rural areas and of course he probably will not need to make the trip more than once or twice a year.

The cabin looks pretty much like something that would have been built a hundred years ago in these mountains, but it is well insulated and we sited it so that the hillside helps us keep it warm in the winter. I have a 28 inch LCD TV that I can use, right now it usually sits in the extra bedroom and no one ever watches it now that Mike is off to college at Virginia Commonwealth. That is basically all that I would need along with the extra satellite receiver which goes with it. It will be easy to find a dish and then the question is only about whether or not to leave everything set up while I am gone.


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