Really Trying to Fix Up the House

We have been working on the house to get it ready for us to sell it. We have done a lot of small things like we put in an led high bay light in the kitchen. I had to replace the roof of the house last week. Of course I have only had the house for a year and a half, but the place is around twenty five years old and that is how long a roof is going to last. You start taking some serious chances if you go longer than a roof is supposed to go. I had to hire a guy to help me with the job and after we got done we put in some prepainted gutters as well. There was not any real reason not to do it, since we were already up there and the job needed to be done. We topped them off with some gutter mesh, because that is supposed to keep trash out of the gutters and if you do not. Have stuff in your gutters, that means you do not have to clean them out. Obviously that is a really nasty job and something I figured that I could live without.

We are going to put some vinyl up on the eaves after we done, based on the same principle that I do not enjoy painting and this house has the worst sort of painting in my opinion. We have a brick facade and that means that you only have to paint around the windows and the eaves. The job requires you to go up a ladder with all the stuff you need to paint, then it takes a few minutes to paint what you can get to. After that you climb right back down and start all over a few feet over.


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