ICOPA XII-Melbourne 2010

Symposia Themes

Global change and parasitism

Gates Foundation Vaccine and Grand Challenges projects

Ectoparasites and Vector borne diseases

Aquaculture and aquatic parasitology

Parasite biology and ecology

Parasite transmission

Host-parasite interactions

Host-parasite biology

Modelling host-parasite infections


Immunotherapy and vaccines

Genomics and functional biology of parasites

Population molecular genetics

Application of proteomics to parasite biology and host responsiveness

Helminth molecular biology

New technologies and approaches to new therapies

Molecular Biochemistry

Cell biology

Chemotherapy and drug resistance

Public health and field studies

Chagas disease and trypanosomatids


Malaria vaccine strategies: are whole parasite vaccines preferable to subunit vaccines?

Control or Eradication of malaria

Drugs or vaccines for schistosomiasis


Anthelmintic resistance in human helminths and combination chemotherapy

In vitro transfection technologies for helminths

Genome annotation, bioinformatics and resource requirements for parasites

Polyparasitism and impact on vaccine design and delivery

Designing efficacious helminth vaccines

Adjuvant design to enhance vaccine efficacy

Cestode diagnosis and wildlife reservoirs in planning control strategies

Integration of mass treatment programs for parasitic diseases

Clean water: implications for reducing parasite transmission

Zoonoses: water and soil outbreaks

Education and Teaching in Parasitology in the context of Global Health

Educating the public about parasitic diseases

Philanthropic support and Public Private Partnerships