New Cordless Phone for the Lab

I just moved into a new laboratiry and I was so excited. I did need quite a few things for this lab, though. I moved into the new larger lab from a smaller one so there was not a lot in the way of furnishings, equipment, or essentials like phones or computers. I started to make a list of all the things I needed. One thing I needed really bad was a cordless phone. I did a search for the best 2 line cordless phone. I found quite a few phones and that was good since I was not sure what my local stores had. I needed some other things so I did a little more research so hopefully I could pick up several things while I was gone. After making my list and looking at reviews, I was ready to take a trip out shopping.

I wanted to look for the phone first since it was the most important thing on my list. I actually found a couple of the phones that I wanted. I was glad that it was so easy. A few of the other things on my list were fairly easy to find. I was having trouble finding bath towels and a shower curtain I liked, though. I was kind of picky so I might need to find one online.

I finally decided it was time to stop shopping and go home. I immediately plugged in my new cordless phone so it could charge. I really liked it. I also put out the other things that I purchased. I was glad my house was finally starting to look like a home. This was a huge step in my life and one that I was quite proud of.

It turns out my phone was great. I really made a good decision based on the reviews I found. It had great range and looked good, too.


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