Looking for the Best Deals on Web Hosting

I am looking for the best deals that I can find on web hosting. Right now, I have been looking at one particular site, called, hostgator coupon code, and it offers coupon codes that can be used to get discounted rates on a particular web hosting service. I need to look into the coupons further though, in order to figure out how much I stand to save off of the base rates of web hosting subscriptions by using the codes. Additionally, I will also need to check to make sure that this website offers good rates on web hosting.

I do not need anything too fancy with regards to web hosting. I would like to have my own domain email address, at the least, and I would like to have a sizable amount of space available for uploading content onto the website. I do not really care about the amount of bandwidth I have allocated to my website at this point in time, because I do not particularly expect to have a lot of web traffic in the beginning. However, I would not be hoping to put up this website if I did not think that I could attract more web traffic to the website over time. Rather, I just know that it will take awhile for word to get around. I will only need to have internet hosting for one domain name, because that is all I plan to do right now. I just want to put up this personal website that I have been working on for awhile. It is a bit of a random website so far with some drawings I have made, and a few musings of mine that I have made over various subjects. I hope that it will grow into something more coherent in the future though.


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