I Loved Saving My Money for My Future

I think I did pretty good about putting money away for retirement. I would not say that I am living the wealthy life, but I did not make all that much money during my career years anyway. I worked retail for a lot of years because I did not have a degree. But I did do what I could to save, so I do have a nice little nest egg now. But I still need to be careful. I make sure to call around to different service companies to check out the electric rates or any other type of services prices for the things that I use on an ongoing basis. As long as I am careful about my spending, I would say that I live a pretty nice life.

When I first married my husband, he was a bit stubborn and did not want me to work at all. We had a newborn, and he felt that women should be home with their children. I agreed with him to a point. I also felt that, once a child enters school, there is no reason for mom to be home alone all the time. He finally relented and let me work. But by that point, I really did not have a lot of experience, and I had no time to go to school since I had a rambunctious little boy that came home from school every day at 3pm. So, I did the best that I could and got a job in the local mall.

A lot of people would rush out to spend their paychecks right away, but that is not what I wanted to do. I would buy basic things that we needed. I would put the rest in savings. I felt really good growing my own money in the bank. It gave me a sense of control that I did not have prior to that.


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