Have You Ever Though About Whether That Scale or Gas Pump is Accurate or Not?

I have a cool job. It keeps me moving, but it is not hard to do. I get to drive all around the county going to different places. I get to know a lot of people, and my job is not very stressful. I travel around for the county using weight kits to certify scales. I recertify them each year, and I do spot checks on places where I suspect fraud. It is easy to do, it pays the bills and I like it.

I actually split my time doing weight certifications on scales used at grocery stores, scrap yards, some medical facilities and any place that uses scales that weigh things sold to the public. That butcher’s scale at your favorite meat department, and the scales at the cash registers that weight your produce are all certified to be accurate by a person like me. As I said, I split my time doing that and certifying flow rates on fuel pumps that sell things such as gasoline, diesel or kerosene by the gallon. If you look on the fuel pump the next time you get gas, you should see a sticker that says when it was last certified by the county it is in.

I have weight kits for different scales. Some are in small cases that look like luggage. For the scrap yards I have a truck that has large certified weights that can weigh up to 500 pounds. A small crane lifts them onto the scrapyard scales to certify they are measuring weight correctly. You would not want to get shorted the next time you bring in that load of aluminum cans.

It’s an easy job and kind of fun. It is not hard to do, but I do have to be exceptionally precise. I think my personality is well suited to the job. This week I am traveling with one of my small weight kits certifying scales in grocery stores. It’s nice to have a job that does not wear you out physically or mentally.


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