Had to Get Satellite Internet for the Cabin

The best and fastest speed Satellite Internet | NAFIIOf course I did not want to pay for satellite internet, but I did not really see much else that I could do. I am going to be working for my uncle all summer. It is a great job, but it is out in the middle of nowhere. We are working on Lake Norris, which is an enormous reservoir in the Eastern part of Tennessee. We go out to work at first light, pushing a little raft in front of the deck boat. We are gone all day and then I have class on the web. Reading satellite internet reviews helped me figure out how to get what I needed, but this is not all that great to be honest. In fact it would be impossible for us to get internet in any other way. We are living in a cabin that we are paying almost no rent on. It is a fishing camp and it has electricity, but there is not much to the place. I sit out at a picnic table some of the time to study.

It is pretty hot in there, even with a fan. Uncle Bud will sleep outside when it is possible, he has a hammock he can lie in. Of course I am a bit afraid of bears. They are all over the place up here it seems, this is the mountains and there is all sorts of stuff that you do not see that often. The other day I noticed that there were some tracks in the mud along the shore. I was not sure what it was, but it looked like a mountain lion had made it. Uncle Bud thought that was what it was as well and he told me that they had them up there and they could be seen occasionally.