My Tax Refund Almost Went Down Under

My tax refund almost went down under. My wife and I moved down here to Australia last year, and recently had to file our domestic income taxes for the first time. I let my wife do it, since she always did our taxes back in the States. On a hunch, I decided to double check her numbers before she filed them here, and I am glad I did. Out of habit, she used an IRS calculator she had bookmarked, when in fact she needed to use an ATO tax calculator.

She laughed and cried at the same time when I pointed out what she did. We both called local friends for the best ato tax calculator to use and found it. Once we reran our tax numbers using an actual Australian Taxation Office calculator, we went from owing money to being due a small refund. That of course made us very happy.


Searching for a High Quality Ladder Stand off

I need to purchase a ladder stand off in the near future because I am trying to fix up my house, and there are numerous jobs around the house that cannot be done without a ladder. Moreover, just having a ladder will not do, I need to get a ladder stand off that will be able to hold the ladder off of the side of the building, and allow me to do the work that I need to. I have been looking at Kirmell ladder stand offs, to see if they offer the sort of product that I am looking for. I am going to pressure wash all of my gutters first, because they are looking pretty dingy and dirty; so I am hoping to get the ladder stand off in the near future, because I have other work to do as well.

I am hoping to find a stand off that will fit around my windows, because otherwise, large parts of the house will be inaccessible via my ladder. I am not sure if it would be possible to mount the stand off higher or lower than the windows, to their height. I also need to make sure that the stand offs are heavy duty and will not bend easily. I weigh a lot, and I would like to be able to feel safe while I am up on my ladder working on my house. After I finish cleaning my gutters, I am going to need to paint my eave, which will also require the use of the ladder. I want to get all of this work done before the weather starts to turn cold, so I only have a few more months left. While I am looking into it, I should also buy a ladder rack to hang my ladder from.


Stethoscopes, for the Home and Otherwise

3m littmann tunable diaphragm rim black master cardiology stethoscope ...Body care issues are what have been on my mind lately. I was reading about the various ways that medical issues are treated across the globe, and decided that there are some places I would rather be over others. Because of some health issues in my family I have found myself searching out the best stethoscope reviews. I figure it is a good idea to have some basic skills mastered, for my family and myself.

This leaves me looking for information on the uses for stethoscopes – there are surely plenty of people who find uses for them outside the regular placed to the heart expectation that most of us have come to think of. I have been window-shopping to find what works best for me. I even encouraged my sister to think about buying one, she who is notoriously sensitive to nearly everything and allergic to what at times seems like the world itself. She will be traveling with her family next fall, leaving the country to have many adventures, and having some basic medical skills may well come in handy.

I am definitely not one of those people who have always health conscious. Some folks I have known over the years just always seemed to be on the up and up on everything in regards to newest ideas of what is best for your body. However, in time I have learned the key skills in listening and researching for myself. I have seen a general quality of life improvement by doing this – simply by asking questions and looking for answers I have discovered that much of what I thought of as mystery is in fact at my very fingertips.

There is also the matter of our pets and livestock – they too need medical assistance and the ready availability of a good stethoscope could go a long ways of understanding a situation, and when it is time to call in a professional. The world is filled with diseases and parasites and injuries, it is best if we all stay on top of any knowledge available and be aware of our “home” surroundings and those of the world!