A Cheap Phone Line for My New Home

I had to find a cheap phone line rental because I have just had to move from the place that I was renting into a new home. The place that I once lived was infested with a couple different kinds of insects forcing me to get out as soon as possible and leave many of my things behind.

I had never really known how badly the different kinds of insects and parasites could affect a person’s life before now. I just thought that you would get an exterminator to come in to take care of these bugs and that would be that. You could go on living your life in the home that you are living in.

It turns out that there are some problems living in the building once the bugs reach a level of infestation that deems it unlivable. That was the situation that I was in. I had to get out and move within twenty four hours and had nowhere to go. Fortunately, my landlord was forced to pay for one week of a hotel stay for my daughter and me so we had somewhere to go.


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